Covino & Rich— Wednesday 3\11\20

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  • 8:00 AM Wouldn’t be a Wednesday without Corona talk! The virus is taking over and everything is being cancelled. The pandemic is becoming a big deal more and more and we hope no one close to use dies… The “Guac Off” is cancelled (:13 AM). Folks that are getting ahead of the issue by cancelling things i.e. Coachella is smart (:18 AM).
  • :28 AM Rich details his experience of a “blast off” in the bathroom…
  • :40 AM Rachel Lindsay hooked Rich up with going VIP style to the Bachelor Finale. Him and wife Sara were doing facial expressions that were aggressive because the cameras were on them for two hours (:49 AM).
  • 9:04 – 9:18 AM Peter’s (The Bachelor) mom is crazy and here why…but Rich and Spot side with her opinion.


  • 9:31 AM Covino’s mom calls in to dispute his statement during the Bachelor discussion that there were “hoes” in her house.
  • :38 AM Rich’s intervention with Spot: Be more proactive with your life! If he wants to be more on ESPN, he has to fight for himself etc.….
  • 10:07 AM Rich gets heated because he fights for Spot, but throws Covino under the bus saying he “doesn’t care”
  • :19 AM Tom Brady sports update on where his new home could be…


  • :38 AM TikTok is all the rage! Spot and Archie were practicing and CNR have no coordinated dance bone in their bodies.
  • :42 AM What is the skill/goal with TikTok-ers?