Covino & Rich— Wednesday 2\5\20

Show Topics:                                                                                                    


  • 8:20 AM The talk about politics from last night and Nancy Pelosi ripping Trump’s speech. What was the big take away?
  • The world is comparing Demi Lovato’s Super Bowl performance to Whitney Houston and there’s no comparison…
  • :44 AM Covino’s mom calls in and attacks him for him not watching Trump’s speech last night
  • :46 AM Who is one person who is universally loved and would make a great president?
  • :54 AM How far do you think C&R could get in politics?


  • :15 AM Tom Papa is here!
  • :17 AM He gives C&R praise because he realizes the struggles of the job now
  • :22 AM Tom Papa is the bread king
  • :27 AM How do you interact with other celebrities because you have many of them as friends
  • :29 AM His relationship with Matt Damon
  • :46 AM Unfortunately Papa doesn’t know about the great Richie Cecere


  • 15 AM Let’s get into Spot’s marriage and why his wife hates him at the moment
  • :20 AM Spot explains the hardship of traveling back to the east coast to take care of his moms estate and not having much help from siblings
  • :30 AM Kristen (wife) is also mad at him for the Christmas tree still being up
  • :33 AM Spot get’s real about the health problems with his penis, which is another reason sex isn’t happening for him and his wife  
  • :41 AM Spot’s brother is frustrating him and here’s why: all of a sudden he is Mister Fixer-Upper