Covino & Rich— Wednesday 2\19\20

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  • 8:06 AM Covino may have overslept dreaming about beach houses, but he’s still rowdy as ever in the conversation about precheck vs clear. The guys have a late ESPN taping tonight with a flight, so the discussion about why Covino doesn’t have either. Even coffee mobile orders are proof that you should be prepared…
  • :18 AM Last night at ESPN Covino said the lamest joke about Burger King’s new debut.
  • :25 AM The Lovers & Friends concert has gone viral
  • :44 AM The bachelor is such a good guy like Norbit… falling for a crazy girl.
  • :55 AM Rich doesn’t feel so close to the new baby boy, is this a weird feeling for a new parent. He’s very disconnected.


  • 9:33 AM The convention is coming up and we’re trying to settle on a date… Spot?
  • :43 AM Rich brings up Spots a package she left for his unborn child…
  • :46 AM The guy gone viral for punching a ladies seat on the airline. What’s the proper etiquette for being a flying passenger. Was he in the wrong?


  • 10:19 AM Covino’s sisters mother and father-in-law both passed within a week and Covino’s hart goes out to his brother-in-law, who’s a great guy that deals with his sister. The guy also started a new job and has to go through that process of being new and meeting people when life isn’t so hot outside of work.
  • Sam L Jackson and Larry David are two guys who just don’t care and we love it! The topic comes from an interview where Larry was asked about him wearing the MAGA hate in an episode…
  • :36 AM Players are suing the Astros
  • :40 AM Rich brings up changing girl diapers vs boy diapers, and the nightmare that his son has brought upon his life.
  • :46 AM Rich’s big controversy around circumcising his son.