Covino & Rich— Wednesday 12\9\20

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  • 8:05 AM Covino’s brother, Tommy has a new girl and she now has covid! For people that haven’t gotten covid, do you think you’ll avoid the virus until the vaccine is released in roughly four months.  
  • :16 AM Hypothetical question: If you were a single guy and you’re dream girl contracts covid and ask you to come comfort her, do you go?
  • :51 AM Covino gives us an update on his new condo about the bathtub detaching from the wall.
  • :57 AM Why is it that some people’s bodies have fought this virus and other claim they only went shopping and contracted it?


  • :27 AM Rich has a sad story about his brother who lives with his mother-in-law. They were at hobby lobby getting Christmas decor, only to leave the story and the mother-in-law falls and breaks both wrist! She will need assistance for nearly three months and he is the only adult home during the day…. What a f*%king nightmare!


  • :11 AM Covino is always on Offer Up and he noticed a bike that looks exactly like the one that was stolen from Melody … in the same town he used to live in!
  • :18 AM Emmy confirms that Rich is too loud in the morning, but he thinks most every adults need to have energy in the morning.
  • :26 AM Do women really want men to step up and show up at their door?! Covino and Rich say no because it makes the man look pathetic and no woman wants that.