Covino & Rich— Wednesday 12\2\20

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  • 8:05 AM Rich had a headache and is confused as to which pills to take… Tylenol or Advil, which is best?
  • :17 AM According to Rich in 2019, the last decade was probably the easiest chapter of our life. Do we still agree?
  • :25 AM An article in the Washington Post reads “No game days. No bars. The pandemic is forcing some men to realize they need deeper friendships.” Is this you?
  • :43 AM Seeing your family on the many virtual devices will be normal this holiday. The Etsy commercial is very sad for old people. What are your thoughts on this for the season?


  • :18 AM Ellen Page is now Transgender and will be called Elliot. We are fascinated by the way society accepted him is quickly and it’s great. But, we’re struggling with the wording.
  • :24 AM Covino’s buddy, Ron hit him up about his now ex-girlfriend. This guy planned a special night for her and she expressed she wasn’t into him as much and literally walked away. Covino has no sympathy because it was less than 2 months… Rich remembers himself in a similar situations and feels for the guy. (BUT THERE’S A PLOT TWIST TO THE STORY).
  • :55 AM Ran Dumb News:Thirty years after shocking upset of Mike Tyson, Buster Douglas wants rematch; Snoop Dogg could be a regular sports commentator.


  • :25 AM This is the actual year where you don’t get your partner anything for Christmas because the year has been wild and money is tight. 2020 is the only exception…
  • :39 AM Brother update – Covino’s brother is currently messing with Spots brother with a fake number – the number was of a “client” reaching out inquiring about him taking a dump in their bathroom.
  • :47 AM We play a game of “who the heck is this.” Those social media followers that are too close in association with you, yet you have no recollection.