Covino & Rich— Wednesday 12\16\20

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  • 8:06 AM The latest update with Jake Paul… Dana White says the fight with McGregor is very unlikely, Amanda Nunes wants in on the fight, and Nate Diaz chimes in!
  • :27 AM On our anniversary yesterday Covino went digging in the archives to hear the first live show. Rich also took a walk down memory lane diving through an old box of phones and cameras.
  • :57 AM It’s always the macho guys who are overly emotional! Based off last night’s episode of the Bachelorette, Covino brings up a contestant constantly crying when he thinks of his brother and when they meet again, he loses it. Moral being, todays man is an emotional mess.
  • :16 AM Emmy was never defiant until she went to preschool, and yesterday Rich experienced that.


  • :30 AM The bootcut jeans we were rocking in our post on the anniversary was out of control!
  • :40 AM ESPN released a video following why most MLB players will not wear a protective cup. Rich says that he never wore a protective cup when he used to play baseball, and he finds commonality with actually MLB stars.


  • :20 AM Is Ariana Grande’s latest song 34+35 any better than Cardi B’s WAP?
  • :35 AM Ran Dumb News – Fans poke fun at a much heavier-looking James Harden for his new physique; Family says they were kicked off United Airlines flight after 2-year-old wouldn’t keep mask on; Tom Cruise flips out on the crew because of covid!