Covino & Rich— Wednesday 12\11\19

Show Topics:


  • 8:08 AM C&R point out that life can be hard, but they actually enjoy their life, so if normal people feel this way, they must hate their lives! Working for the weekend. 
  • :14 AM You can pay a nice fee for Chris Harrison to marry you. Rich thinks having a celebrity introduce at weddings is fun, while Covino disagrees (:30 AM). 
  • :44 AM Rich loves to bring up Covinos hard times in life and make things uncomfortable for Covino. 
  • :48 AM Lizzo is everyone, we created her as a society. 
  • :50 AM Today’s mutual thought is that Rich is annoying. 
  • :55 AM Rich loves to bring Covino down once he finally gets happy, which is rare… 


  • :20 AM Driving home the point that men have feelings too! 
  • :24 AM Covino is still raving about his Roomba and how amazing it is. He is thinking about naming it Johnny Roomba… 
  • :26 AM Funny story: Covino’s cousin married a guy name Johnny and he thought his dad named him Johnny Roomba because he’s fun on the dance floor, only to find out at a wedding that was his real name. Update, his cousin divorced Johnny Roomba. 
  • :35 AM Gerrit Cole’s making millions.
  • :39 AM Le’veon Bell was out and about bowling when he is supposed to be resting… is this OK? 
  • :50 AM Covino name drops and Rich thinks that he is bragging, but he thinks it’s perspective… who’s side are you on? 
  • :56 AM Nick Canon is beefing with Eminem and his dis-track is horrible.


  • 10:20 AM What are your top 3 Christmas songs? 
  • :25 AM Darlene Love slams “Christmas in Rockefeller Center” producers for snubbing her. 
  • :31 AM Gary Sinise flies grieving military families to Disney. 
  • :35 AM Spot is in a bake off and didn’t tell anyone 
  • :43 AM Reporter caught boyfriend cheating when ‘physical activity’ spiked on Fitbit: ‘Wish the story wasn’t real’