Covino & Rich— Wednesday 11\6\19

Show Topics:


  • 8:00 AM “I wish for you Covino, that someone hugs you like Trump hugs Suzuki!” -Rich
  • Covino thinks he must be on “Pranksters.” He calls the same restaurant everyday to order the same salad. He’s always put on hold (nonstop during one order), they always get his name wrong, and the millennial servers must lose their mind when he ask for his salad tossed and he’s fed up! The one thing that bothers him during this is that they mistake Steve for “Seed.” 
  • 8:37 AM Rich went to the mall, per usual and got a massage at a new place and YIKES! The place doesn’t have a creative name, the guy is aggressive at getting Rich’s service, they struggle on his massage time and force him into the display chair, mid-mall while “Helga” rubs him down and makes him undress. 


  • 9:08 AM What songs were popular when Covino’s daughter was born? 
  • 9:19 AM Looking back over the last ten years, Covino briefly goes through everything he’s experienced. 
  • 9:26 AM What are you willing to spend your money on because of convenience? Covino shares the story of avoiding the DMV to update his registration and paying the extra fee.
  • 9:40-55 AM Paying extra can save you stress and make moments better. Covino’s dad finally hired a painter after 66 years, Rich’s dad needs to retire shoveling snow, and Rich encourages parents to save money and pay the extra bucks on fast passes at amusement parks etc. 


  • 10:15 AM “The Irish Man” isn’t happening in theaters now, but on Netflix. It’s so crazy that Netflix and Paramount are in the same conversation…
  • Keanu Reeves went public with his new girlfriend and we’re all slightly confused, expect Spot, this is totally OK with him…
  • She looks like his mother! The grey hair, the wrinkles, it’s too much to be 46 years old. We’re sure she has a lovely heart, Mother Goose was a great woman too! 
  • 10:44 AM Spot, tell us about this passionate sex you’re now having …as he avoids the topic.