Covino & Rich— Wednesday 11\4\20

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  • 8:04 AM Did you catch John King at his version of the Olympics last night? The guy is a wiz with the touch screen! After last night, we are shocked that people are shocked to see how close the race for the next president is. Are you shocked?
  • :23 AM Covino on how he sees everything down the middle with this election. Rich, however has a theory that no matter how “in the middle” you are, when it comes down to the last minute, you pick a side… (all hour we’re talking about election coverage).
  • :44 AM What was your food for the election night viewing party? Rich and wife settled on Blaze pizza (first timers), does this qualify as top tier pizza?


  • :43 AM How do you think strippers are holding up during this time with the pandemic?
  • :47 AM Brother Tommy moved into his new pad and his year update in finances is so fascinating! But, he now has two roommates and one of them has Covid!
  • :01 AM Question from a CARL, is this a female thing – Why do women love attending weddings as a married couple? 


  • :42 AM Covino on his new place – the president of the property management hits him up asking if he was the one moving in causing all the noise and if he bought it or is renting? — He wants to know how to respond.