Covino & Rich— Wednesday 11\27\19

Show Topics:


  • 8:03 AM Tito Ortiz is here
  • His Thanksgiving plans
  • :09 AM The dynamic he has with Sylvester Stallone
  • :11 AM The beef with Chuck and Dana
  • :13 AM Being a Hulk Hogan fan
  • :15 AM How being a dad has changed him
  • :20 AM Biggest regret was wearing the T-shirt addressed to Dana
  • :23 AM His relationship with Trump
  • :25 AM Football and his love for the Chargers
  • :27 AM Working with Bruce Willis
  • :36 AM Hypothetical situation from listener Vanessa, would you leave radio for the greatest TV deal?
  • :42 AM Rich took a screenshot of a meme that will age us all
  • :47 AM We have the greatest hater of the show call in ranting for nearly ten minutes


  • 9:11 AM What “blowing smoke up your ass” means…
  • :17 AM Is Papa John’s racist and why is he eating 40 pizza’s in 30 days?
  • :21 AM Feeling down? Maybe you should start sunning your butthole. Wizard John is jumping in on this trend.


  • 9:56 AM When is it ok to bust out the Christmas décor? Covino is pretty excited but dreading the day he’ll have to put away his special blanket.
  • :58 AM First year Rich isn’t going back home for the holidays.
  • 10:01 AM Poop Knives
  • 10:03 AM Our friend Chris invented the best toy for kids during the holiday’s the “Santa Enchanted Mailbox” and we’re giving three away.
  • 10:34 AM When do you think you heard Adam Sandler’s turkey song?
  • :37 AM Oldest dog has been found frozen in ice.
  • :55 AM What are you thankful for?