Covino & Rich— Wednesday 11\20\19

Show Topics:


  • 8:00 AM Covino’s hate for packing and how he has a gold medal in procrastination.
  • :09 AM Mexico Trip update – They hit a snag before takeoff. Covino’s name didn’t match the name on the ticket and Rich couldn’t find his wallet, because he left it in the uber. The moment he “found” his wallet (:25 AM). Rich felt like being in Mexico City was an apocalyptic experience beautiful it felt like they were isolated around a city of disconnect and poverty (:31 AM). The restaurant they went to had new and fun food, but eating snails took the cake for a the weirdest experience. Rich is adamant about not going back to Mexico City and wouldn’t recommend it, and Covino thinks otherwise (:51 AM).


  • :16 AM Covino’s cousin wanted to connect, which turned out to be a great experience, even met his cousins mom and grab food with Rich and others.
  • :25 AM Coworkers convinced C&R to go out to the Fantasia on Sunday night, which was an intense club experience. This is were Rich was the victim of an alleged theft frisk. The wedding ring was the item “taken” (:32 AM).
  • :40 AM Being on the field in Mexico City was a mind-blowing time, and the best part was Steve Young was a part of the moment!
  • :50 AM Why do people not feel the draft from their butt crack being out?


  • :11 AM Covino’s family invited him to a house gathering at midnight, they rolled out the red carpet, a true family experience! Back to the hotel Covino went making a 4:30am shuttle to the airport and Mark Sanchez was on the ride.
  • :28 AM Mark Sanchez was standoff-ish because he was informed that Covino continuously talks about his butt fumble. Bill Eilish was on the plan, meanwhile C&R ESPN co workers were ragging on Covino while sleep to Sanchez (:31 AM).
  • :35 AM Stern talked about Covino and Rich yesterday and we have the clip, yet another person who hates Covino, Baba Booey.
  • :38 AM Kaepernick update
  • :47 AM No one in Mexico City was ugly. Finding your Mexican princess and saving her from poverty (:50 AM).