Covino & Rich— Wednesday 11\18\20

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  • 8:06 AM Covino came across a meme that looks like his and Spot’s love child with the name ‘Honore De Balzac’ and we can’t stop laughing about it…
  • :21 AM Covino is newly obsessed with The Bachelorette and contestant “Chasen” has the worst face and says the worst the things like “Smokeshow.”  He breaks down last nights entire episode.
  • :49 AM Rich has been relieved of his duties as a house fixer upper. His wife said he is slowing down the process and stay home with the kids…. Ouch!


  • :06 AM We welcome Jon Taffer to talk about his latest restaurant opening and the advance technology in the kitchen; He tells us the proper way to to acknowledge when waiters aren’t wearing mask properly; How he protects his innovative ideas; The effects of third party delivery services taking money from restaurants; His thoughts on the vaccines and how safe they are and that he is taking it ASAP etc.
  • :51 AM Rich watched Kevin Hart’s new comedy special and he is siding with most of the articles that it isn’t his best yet.


  • :05 AM Kate Mara on the show – how she’s dealt with quarantine and being home with her family 24/7 and not seeing extended family; she talks her unpacking strategy as an actor; her musical interest; Covino brings up her husbands film “Billy Elliot;” her super love for sports; and her latest projects “A Teacher” on Hulu.
  • :49 AM Alexandria Cortez tweeted a question “’Is That Too Socialist Too?’: AOC Pleads for Second Stimulus Checks and Rent Forgiveness As Pandemic Rages”…. It’s a great idea, but where does money and resources come from?