Covino & Rich— Wednesday 10\9\19

Show Topics:

  • Who do you watch on TV often that you’re a superfan of? It’s Richie’s lucky day because Adam DeVine is stopping by for a good ol’ time!
  • Gary Vee is a topic of discussion because him leaving social media could be a thing, but why for?
  • Adam DeVine: he talks new film JEXI, his time on Righteous Gemstones, who he looked up to (basketball stars),  how he called Danny McBride a “Bright Shooting Star” but luckily he was wasted and didn’t recall the awkward moment, how Seth Rogan taught him and everyone to smoke weed, how he continuously turns down celebrity basketball games because he’s afraid Justin Bieber will double cross him leaving him broken…again (a cement truck fell on him at age 11), and that Zac Efron is the greatest workout buddy and here’s why…
  • Some stuff isn’t for everybody, like ‘This Is Us’ – Rich loves the show, but not Covino… Is it weird that Rich cries every episode but has no empathy in reality? He’s a disconnected fu%*ing weirdo!
  • Happy Birthday John Lennon, we talk our great memories and play some of his classics
  • Covino remembers nearly everything since age 3, what’s with the guy?! He talks him recalling the death of Lennon at age 5 years old.
  • Someone order burgers, awkward burgers that is? A listener posed a fun question of where the guys will be in five years and things took a dark and sad turn when Spots wife got in on the “fun”
  • Majority of her comments seem to stem from resentment: disliking LA and the move they made together for his career. Many questions stem from this topic on spots marriage, all he’s been through, why is she venting via social media etc… beware
  • On a lighter note, has anyone noticed the hot weather girl on ABC7, Brianna Ruffalo?