Covino & Rich— Wednesday 10\30\19

Show Topics:


  • Morning Update: Baseball had an exciting night, especially with Trea Turner. What you can expect from UFC this weekend. Do you perform better with home or away games, if you know what we mean… Also, the guys had a long night hanging with NBA stars and getting home at 1AM, at this point why not live together?
  • What’s the difference between Jelly and Jam? Chickpea and lentil? Etc.
  • Please tell us you know what “mischief night” is…it’s the night before Halloween where you go wild and cause chaos towards neighbors and friends. Rich can’t relate, we guess he’s from Wennietown or Lameoville. What were those dumb things you did as a kid?
  • R.I.P to John Witherspoon.
  • Covino is a lame because he paints his pumpkins instead of carving them. Who does that?!
  • Covino has never let anyone determine his love for a show or team. To quit because of others is weak-minded! This plays into our listeners being fans of the show, some have gone because of the CARL community. Haters gon’ hate and players gon’ play. The importance of not being easily influence remains the underlying message.


  • Rich brings up a point in politics, how both Trump and Obama recently did separate things that even haters can’t hate on. Trump posting a photo of the dog that captured a terrorist and Obama says that cancel culture isn’t activism.
  • Friend In Need: what age do you get your kid a debt card?


  • Moink brought us bacon and we’re doing a live taste test, do you like baked or fried bacon?
  • Going back to Trump, Bill Burr was asked if he thinks the president “pleases himself” in the oval office… the question is asked do you always do this alone in a hotel, Spots answer is interesting.
  • What are those things that you never knew the origin of? Songs, phrases, photos etc.
  • What’s the greatest joke you’ve ever told that has fallen flat?