Covino & Rich— Wednesday 10\23\19

Show Topics:

  • Covino is no ordinary guy, he operates differently than most, so when you make him think strategically about outfits, you’re asking for a lot. The struggles of pre-tapes at ESPN, and the dilemma of having to think back to a look he previously wore.
  • Halloween is near and we have to plan ahead, otherwise we’ll end up being a Man-Witch. We talk costumes you should retire, what are those trendy costumes this year, and what the guys should be.
  • Covino is being a frugal-franny yet again. He has to attend his daughter’s Trunk or Treat and went looking for a look that will dual for ESPN, and he came up with Ghost Space Killa, with the hopes of not embarrassing his daughter and she approves.
  • What are some of the most memorable times your parents embarrassed you? Rich’s mom made his hold his sister on a ride, which little did he know would become the start of his co%k blocking days. Covino’s dad wore the most bright cut-off sleeve shirts, his mom also went to sleep on the floor, rubbed his friends leg by mistake and was spotted in her panties in front of his friend.
  • The haters gon’ hate and the players gon’ play is the truest thing Taylor Swift has said.
  • Emmy said sh*t, which is an example that kids repeat what the parents say. Speaking of bad language, when guest bring their kids to the studio Rich think the show should be as vulgar as normal and Covino think they should calm it down.
  • The World Series had a big win last night, but Covino stands firm in his negativity towards the Astros.
  • Complain, complain, complain although Covino says he’s just here to explain. He talks his busy schedule and task during the day along with having dream jobs, but when is it enough and you finally say NO. The theory of being “yes men.”
  • Spot might shave his beard for Halloween, but we’ll believe it when we see it!
  • Rand Dumb News: Kanye West has new slides that Snoop Dog thinks are ridiculous and we agree; Steph Curry is no Hall of Famer according to Michael Jordan; Are we bringing back the mullet?
  • Rich wants nothing to do with his wife, Sara while she’s lathering in coconut oil, he hates the smell, it’s very triggering to him but all she’s trying to do is control those pregnancy stretch marks.
  • Mommy makeovers vs Daddy Do-overs…
  • We would all love a clean slate, and Spots on his journey but knows that his journey is harder to a better life, because his eating, fitness and mental foundation weren’t set from the start being young Spot.