Covino & Rich— Wednesday 10\14\20

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  • 8:15 AM Rich is on fire with today’s Fun Facts about sports! Talking the rarity of Tuesday NFL games, the significances of college football and NFL schedules…
  • :22 AM Our parents weren’t lying when they would say time flies as we relate this to yesterday being the flip anniversary and Derek Jeter’s last post game hit (because he broke his ankle).
  • :33 AM Houston Astros 2B Jose Altuve’s case of the yips sparks Tampa Bay Rays’ ALCS Game 3 win.
  • :55 AM Coming to Netflix is “Knock Knock” a Keanu Reeves classic… and here’s why you shouldn’t let your girl watch!


  • :20 AM Ran Dumb News – The latest in gender reveals, check out this video of fast winds creating wildfires, Cardi B’s accidental nude situation…
  • :27 AM The Coming to America sequel is coming, but word on the street is that it’s going to be released on Amazon. Do films need theaters anymore?
  • :51 AM How do you get your parents to get with the times!? Changing their mindset about getting rid of dated furniture, shopping online and use apps like Uber.


  • :16 AM Baby Ben is flying for the first time today, when was your first flight?
  • :22 AM Rich has a theory about one of his ESPN producers and why he always has background noise bleeding through their sessions, because we are all at home and his wife is probably relaxing so he is trying to keep peace at home and work…
  • :30 AM Covino has the update on his season of the Bachelorette!
  • :46 AM Now is the time to get that work done, and once you return to the office they will never really know.