Covino & Rich— Wednesday 1\6\21

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  • 8:05 AM We cannot get over his new season of Cobra Kai! It’s so good that Rich starting tearing up. We weigh in on thoughts about William Zabka, least favorite character, what we want to ask in the townhall tomorrow etc.
  • :41 AM Rich has been sounding very congested and we all thing it’s the Rona, so we take his temperature on air.
  • :47 AM Rich fills us in on all the house updates and the process of selling his items on Offer Up. However, he sold his couch to a young guy down the block and found himself helping his guy move in the middle of breakup with a sassy cheating ex-girlfriend. The lesson: Sometimes you’ll see a stranger, and a little deed to you can change their life.


  • :39 AM What places in society do you see others being picky about that you couldn’t care less… malls, grocery stores, gas stations, gyms?
  • :49 AM Steve Covino is Dolly Boy! Two weeks ago, Covino, Spot and another friend helped Rich move… Covino and the buddy brought over dolly’s, but Covino left abruptly, while Spot grabbed his dolly for him, grabbing the wrong on. He is being very particular about wanting his exact dolly back. Is it right or wrong?


  • :48 AM Ran Dumb News – Red Sox hire Bianca Smith for minor league team, first Black woman to coach in pro baseball; actors casting their kids as young look-alikes; Caillou is now canceled.