Covino & Rich— Wednesday 1\27\21

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  • 8:06 AM Do you know the feeling of riding your bike too far as a kid and having to call for help? Covino shares a story about his recent bike ride, struggling to get up a hill and left feeling embarrassed having to walk the hill in front of two other guys…
  • :22 AM Covino says that Jordyn was being spit game by a black guy in Walmart while he was in the car, why is it that black guys have the best game?!
  • :40 AM Rich watched ‘Life’ last night and says it wasn’t funny and not Martin Lawrence’s best
  • :51 AM Is this the best quarterback match up in Superbowl history? Mahomes vs Brady.


  • :18 AM The more last longer theory by Covino… it has experienced a bump in the road! He thought when it comes to cologne, the more the merrier, but after some research he finds that they expire, so don’t buy so many!  
  • :45 AM Covino still hasn’t gotten his dolly back!!!
  • :52 AM Covino is so triggered by leaving his bike outside and having it stolen many times, he now takes it in stores and we can’t wrap our head around it.
  • :01 AM We weigh the pros and cons of having an outside TV.


  • :26 AM Rich on back to working out and taking more vitamins. Why is it that everyone suggest taking turmeric?
  • :35 AM Corona has changed so many ways of the living for nearly eternity… “The world is Yellowstone National Park with wolves.”
  • :50 AM All about stock – GameStop jumps more than 100% even as hedge funds cover short bets, scrutiny of rally intensifies.