Covino & Rich— Wednesday 1\20\21

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  • 8:06 AM Rich is raving because he sees his daughter adjusting to society and is a people person like him and that is a good feeling! Speaking of kids, have you experienced your kids finding interest in the things you loved as a kid? It’s fun to relive those moments.
  • :29 AM Does everyone on social media want to be famous? Olivia Rodrigo’s song “Driver License” is No. 1 on the charts and with social media, this could be any other 17 year old!
  • :40 AM Celebs Who Need To Realize They’re Not Famous Anymore!
  • :10 AM Now that 2021 is here, here are the phrases that need to be retired…   


  • :28 AM When you lose weight, don’t be those people who still wear oversized clothes. As Spot is on his weight loss journey, he talks about his wardrobe downsizing process.
  • :46 AM Best Athletes to never win a championship…
  • :53 AM Friend In Need – John hits us up because the women he was dating broke up with him for another guy who lives long distance and she still wants to be friends, which isn’t working out for him. Can you be friends with an ex?


  • :25 AM (FIN) What if the girl gets dumped by the new guy, can she go back to John? Is it using someone for keeping them in the loop as being friends or is that the game? … There’s always the one person who can’t handle friends or friends with benefits…
  • :36 AM Do you have a quota of if enough people tell you something, it has to be true?
  • :50 AM QAnon believers struggle with inauguration and believe certain celebrities drink children’s blood etc. Do you believe any of this?