Covino & Rich— Tuesday 9\24\19

Show Topics:

  • We’re taking new fancy head-shots soon and in order to stay on top of your game, you’ve got to adapt to the times. Those host with the same photo from when they started ten years ago is uncomfortable. Speaking of, we’ve got a camera crew in studio today, “momma we’ve made it!”
  • Never meet your heroes because they will let you down! We taped a interview with Triple G for our ESPN show and Covino has been his biggest fan…until now. It was the most uncomfortable interview ever, and he brought a translator who threw off the entire vibe. Triple G wouldn’t even speak up, it was tragic! He didn’t bring the “drama show” to say the least.
  • Our buddy Trevor from Alabama had a tough weekend and called in to get our advice on things.  His fiancé dumped him after five years, and he’s only 23…let’s talk!
  • Men in the early 30s to mid 40s with grey hair. Do you dye it? Do you shave it off? Should Spot shave the beard? Should Rich explore his sexy man specs? All very valid questions we have as we mature.
  • We finally have a Road Trip location for DC!
  • Gender reveals gone too far: throwing a watermelon at a Hippo…
  • Speaking of gone too far, a man proposes under water and doesn’t make it out alive.