Covino & Rich— Tuesday 9\17\19

Show Topics:

  • Spots big return is pushed because he took a trip to the ER for back pain. With both Spot and Covino on a road trip struggling with back pain, Rich is curious how this will affect them.
  • Speaking of Spot, him becoming a yoga instructor is still mind-blowing! Covino marinates on the thought of practicing yoga and meditation, stemming from this Netflix show “The Mind, Explained.” Is this his next adventure?
  • How can we simply enjoy life more as we get older, does weed do the trick?
  • Whoa, a surprise pop in from Bobby Bones during commercial break, what a guy!
  • Whenever we can talk to the parents, we love those moments…Rich’s Dad, Greg gives his take on weed and the life of relaxation.
  • Anyone who knows anything about us, knows that we love a boxing match and our guys John and Chris with SiriusXM Radio’s “All Out Show” are next to step in the ring and the trash talk is priceless, plus we get a shout out!
  • Someone call the press, because Rich just discovered the 99 cent store…we’re taking “F#*k Poor People” to a whole new level!
  • Big Rich is on a roll today, he has an idea that will save the world, that also comes with the best theme song ever! You’ll be laughing so hard you just might fart.
  • Where are all of those fellow nerds. Let’s talk about glasses.