Covino & Rich— Tuesday 9\15\20

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  • 8:06AM Rich wants to know if he should give up on arguing with people as his childhood best friends dad makes points at to why the NFL ratings are down, because of social and political reasons. Rich doesn’t agree and you HAVE to hear this! Who’s team are you on, Rich or Ralph (friend’s dad)?
  • :48 AM Covino and Rich went to Fat Sals yesterday and Covino got the worst thing on the menu, the healthiest option! What is wrong with him, first IHop and now Fat Sals!
  • :00 AM The entire Fat Sals trip only happened because they went to the view the house Rich likes, just to have another pair of eyes on it. He’s up against a cash offer, what are the chances? Also, most people write letters to win the homeowners over, although that didn’t work out well for Spot (he reads his letter live).


  • :40 AM Covino has a hometown update, New Jersey UFO sighting turns out to be Goodyear blimp!
  • :59 AM Back in the day if you were to speak of UFO’s you were threatened to be penalized in some way.


  • :16 AM Rich and Sara had a first yesterday, slipping away while the kids were awake and getting some action in!
  • :22 AM There’s an article titled “Dear Husband, I’m Done With Penetrative Sex,” is this wrong or right?
  • :40 AM Friend In Need – A guy gets dumped for the 3rd time in the last two years with the same excuse of he’s great, stable and kind, but these women want something else. Is he the only one who’s been in this situation?