Covino & Rich— Tuesday 9\10\19

Show Topics:

  • In the thought of Spot, we open the show with the idea of having money set aside for our parents, and who would take the lead. Covino is strong in letting his sister take care of those duties, if anything unfortunate were to happen.
  • Chis from the All Out Show stops by giving us his take on pointless work meetings and how he was brought up in a meeting he didn’t attend because of his attire. He was told to lay off shorts for a while, and Covino is offended by this. But the mutual thought here is, you need to think about where you want your life to go and what is your branding.
  • Rich discusses how his daughter can’t blow her nose and leads him down the path of the family congestion problems coming from possible mold and filter changing.
  • Show flashbacks: how cool would it be to go back in time to real-life situations where things or family took a turn? Life doesn’t provide the clarity that TV shows do.
  • Rich is proud of his dad for adapting to the technologies of the world, like foreign WIFI. We talk accomplishments from parents and how that will soon be us to our children.
  • The viral video of the white kid and black kid embracing each other has us all in our feelings, but what’s this really mean?