Covino & Rich— Tuesday 9\1\20

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  • 8:05 AM Rich has a new dumb, yet amazing movie for us to watch, ‘The Binge.’ But Covino is the real winner in this, because he now has a new reason as to why his family nickname is “Babe.”
  • :16 AM ‘I Am A Killer’ on Netflix is Covino’s latest watch, and the conversation has us putting ourselves in the shoes of a prisoner, especially upon release. What are some of the wildest things that are shocking when re-entering society?
  • :40 AM What did our parents do in their spare time, because we have streaming etc… Rich makes a point, that our parents had it the easiest when it comes to adulting as middle class people (You’ll have to tune in to hear this one…).


  • :07 AM John Leguizamo joins the show promoting his new movie ‘Critical Thinking,’ but besides that we have one of the best conversations with a guest in a long time! He talks his love for the Mets, representation in the Latin community, why he had beef with Patrick Swayze, his work on John Wick, his family’s thoughts on his success, etc.
  • :47 AM Rich justifies his reason why our parents maybe didn’t have spare time. The reason we have so much time is because everything that took time is now done in a minute on a device. We can pay with one click, our parents took a day to balance a checkbook, we order food with an app, they had to reroute to pick it up etc…
  • :54 AM WTF NEWS: Video shows 3-Year-old girl swept into the air by kite in Taiwan.


  • :16 AM Do you ever turn your entire phone off or utilize the ‘Do Not Disturb’ option? Do you hold off on responding to certain people depending on the time? If so, when is the appropriate time to respond?
  • :30 AM The Biden-Harris campaign are now advertising on the game “Animal Crossing” and it’s actually genius. Also, do you people devote all of their time towards political protesting, where is your job? Why not just show up to the polls?