Covino & Rich— Tuesday, 8/6/19

Show Topics:

  • Today Covino and Rich are matching!!! Covino was iffy about returning this shirt or not because it wasn’t a color he would normally wear. He decided to keep it and when he hopped in the carpool today Rich wore the same purple shirt! You know you spend way too much time with someone when you start syncing up outfits.
  • Covino and Rich are pumped because later today they are going to Mike Tyson’s ranch. They were invited for the ESPN show. Covino is wondering what exactly is in store for them but he is sure that Tyson might ask them to smoke some weed.  Should they oblige? 
  • Comedian Bert Kreischer stopped by the studio today and he had a lot of energy! They touched on families, drinking, relationships and what to do when you meet a famous person you look up too! 
  • Tomorrow Rich is starting the Coffee Chronicles. He is going to small coffee and donut shops in search for the perfect cup of coffee. 
  • Intern Sasha has another crazy story. She moved into a new house with roommates she knows from college. Sasha brought over some clothes and kitchen/bath stuff. When she came back from her vacation she was looking for her pot to make soup and couldn’t find it anywhere. Her new roommate revealed that she used the pot to boil her ‘diva cup.’ Covino thinks that this is completely disrespectful behavior but Rich begs the question; is the pot really not usable anymore?
  • For the last hour of the show, Vine star King Bach, stopped by the studio. He was hear to promote a few things! His new lifestyle street wear brand, his new comedy singles and his recent Netflix films. King Bach has a whopping 18.1 million followers on Instagram!