Covino & Rich— Tuesday 8\25\20

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  • 8:03 AM Last night Covino went wild on his diet with ordering pizza. Deep Dish vs Sicilian… Rich on the other hand loves grandma style and describes the proper way to make the pie in his porn voice.
  • :25 AM Covino had a therapy session yesterday, too and his therapist was very adamant about ending on a dark note, which left him very unsettled…
  • :43 AM The brokini is a supposed bikini for men that exists because 2020 has yet to tire of depleting your soul.
  • :55 AM Rich’s theory on therapist is that they just don’t know enough context on you and the situation, so he’s disinterested, however it did great for his wife post childbirth.
  • :14 AM Last night was the RNC and Kimberly Guilfoyle shouted unhinged at the top of her lungs… alarming many cars!


  • :32 AM There are major divides in households these days, parents vs young adults when it comes to social issues.
  • :43 AM Rich went to the meat counter with his father-in-law and he has questions about prime vs select cut meats… he got prime ribeye’s as an act to impress dad by default, but here’s how the night went…
  • :58 AM Friend In Need – Kid busted his dads TV with a dog bone, although it wasn’t on purpose he wants our advice on if punishing the kid is wrong or not.


  • :23 AM How do you deal with your kids friend being disrespectful?
  • :26 AM We get an update on Spot’s mini cooper – his car leaves big oil puddles everywhere that he goes and he went to the shop only to be told it’s going to need a lot of work! #MajorWhammy
  • :37 AM Deep Thoughts from Rich – the world is in such a divide, and side thinks the opposite is the downfall of society. If this is the way of the world, would you ever think to move abroad?