Covino & Rich— Tuesday, 8/20/19

Show Topics:

  • Happy National Radio Day, but we’re more excited about back to school season, and Covino’s thankful because that means back to the normal routine.
  • The guys get into a tasty debate about the new Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich vs the Chic-Fil-A sandwich, they did a taste test on their ESPN show last night and now that the food has digested (or not) they share their opposing views on the kickin’ chicken.
  • Rich couldn’t let yesterday’s conversation die about Covino’s mom hating nudity in TV, so let’s talk about it! Rich is baffled by the fact that she hasn’t aged with the times and keeps her same strict views of television. Covino remains heated during the time, when Mamma Covino calls in to save the day. She calls out Rich for his “progressive” ways and goes in-dept with her morals and how she believes films should inspire you; if she wants to see nudity or “man-meat” she’ll look at her husband.
  • This conversation prompts a talk about having a certain level of respect for your parents. Covino’s girlfriend wouldn’t dare drink in front of her parents, Rich, again is confused and appalled at this way of life.
  • Let men be men! But does that mean not wear clean underwear? The phone lines are through the roof after a topic of how long do you wear underwear and not shower after reading a poll that the average person wears the same underwear for two days! Yuck, at least that’s how Rich and Archie feel.
  • Speaking of Archie, the guy has horrible friends in LA, so the day has come where he is officially welcomed into the C&R family hangouts.
  • Rand Dumb News: Bagel guy is trending after mention of his 1 inch sized man meat; Lamar Odom is making life changes getting rid of porn and candy; and we catch up with an old friend, Jake.