Covino & Rich— Tuesday 8\18\20

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  • 8:06 AM It’s the first day of school for the kids on the west coast and Covino’s daughter is ready to take the day by storm! Zoom class is predicted to stress us parents out!
  • :19 AM What qualifies someone as a “cool kid”? What do you tell your kids when they ask why other kids get more attention?
  • :37 AM How are you handling clothing to this day, shopping, not shopping? It’s reported that clothing stores are suffering. This idea coming from Rich’s wife being encouraged to buy new yoga pants although we’re still at home.


  • :15 AM Spot has a new purchase and we’re all so happy for him and his new toy: a used mini cooper convertible! He walks us through the process and we guess how long this car will last.
  • :30 AM Ellen will be making a return to television and has fired big bosses and went live on a zoom call to her staff.
  • :40 AM C&R get into a “tiff” about the political debate for this season around the idea that we need to reimagine how these debates work and fact check those “zingers.” Is Biden just being a “good guy” good enough to be president? We also talk left wing vs right wing and where we fall.


  • :32 AM Cardi B interviewing Joe Biden is such a juxtaposition for the culture!
  • :40 AM When will mask be introduced to tv sitcoms?
  • :45 AM Fernando Tatis Jr is a stud and he hit a grand slam on a 3-0 count angers Rangers and sparks talk over baseball’s unwritten rules.
  • :50 AM Once we reach a comfortable financial lifestyle across the board, to travel, pay bills and do whatever you want, you can’t get happier study shows.