Covino & Rich— Tuesday, 8/13/19

Show Topic:

  • Tuesday we start off with a bang, talking wild sex fantasies. The dream of being employed by a hot woman and your only role is to provide sexual pleasure, possibly in sex slave form, but Covino says heck no, I have more to offer. That lazy sex dream is of the 20s. This prompts Rich to walk down memory lane, to a time when Covino cheated (20 years ago), an era where he felt obligated to have sex with woman, but he says it wasn’t cheating if he kept his socks on. The question is asked of Spot would he take a free BJ as a married man… This conversation was about the pressure to stay committed to marriage and not give into temptation. With the rule of thumb, or should we say “big tip” is to “rub one out” and come back so that      temptation is no more.
  • Covino’s movie suggestion of the day is “Secret Obsession” with Brenda Song on Netflix.
  • Jim Breuer stops by to not only announce that he’s back on the road in a comedy tour, but talking the struggles of staying relevant, and the need to take vacation because you come back with stories and new material for tour.
  • All guys weigh in on the struggles of raising kids and how they are all one chromosome away from being monkeys. Jim is one cool dad though, he goes on about hanging and singing with Rock-star legends like Billy Joel, and the pressures of the child with the parent that people know.
  • Dr. V stops by to answer the questions of love, life and faithfulness. Diving deeper into the topic of do you want someone that makes life easy or a partner that challenges you. She talks the desire of craving passion and craving newness. Dr. V also turns the show into a much needed therapy session for Covino with advice of meshing his child and girlfriend together, and unpacks his coping ways of dealing with relationship flaws because of his past.