Covino & Rich— Tuesday 8\11\20

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  • 8:03 AM Does anyone actually prefer corn tortilla over flour, health aside?
  • :05 AM When Rich is in LA he is fitness guru, but in Texas it’s another story. He’s back to health eating, but just recently in Texas he was double fisting with Taco Bell and Whataburger. Have you seen Taco Bell’s latest addition to the menu? What’s your go to fast food?
  • :18 AM Last night, Rich decided to get the vasectomy after a brief scare with wife Sara, as she was ovulating. Would you get the snip? Covino stands in his truth that the birth of a child should be “God’s Plan.” We also get into the double standard of science saving a life vs creating a life (:45 AM). Let’s consider everything that the woman goes through, if she asked would you get it? (:10 AM)


  • :40 AM Covino has always been a hat guy, spending far too much time in the Lids store. He’s got his eye on a new hat and girlfriend Jordyn isn’t excited about it. We walk through some of the different styles and hat evolution. Do you let the store bend your brim for you?
  • :54 AM Taking listener feedback on what hats are making a comeback.


  • :20 AM Putin says Russia has approved ‘world first’ Covid-19 vaccine. But questions over its safety remain…
  • :27 AM The newest advertisement that Covino is getting is “Forehead Adhesive” and it’s fascinating!
  • :30 AM Rich brings up something that annoys him about Covino, he assigns current thoughts with someone past experiences. Covino believes that deep down that’s who you are i.e. if you were a party girl and now a stable mom, you are still that girl.
  • :45 AM Friend In Need – A guy wants advice on how to manage his stay at home wife’s spending…