Covino & Rich— Tuesday 7\7\20

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  • 8:05 AM Patrick Mahomes just signed a $500 million contract with Kansas City Chiefs. Hopefully we’ll be sitting in stadiums again soon. 
  • :21 AM Covino has been having serious back pain for about a year. He’s scared to find out what the pain is caused from. While he was in Idaho, he tried Jordyn’s family’s inversion table.
  • :39 AM What’s your life changing purchase? Covino’s “life changers” are his Roomba and Alexa.


  • :20 AM There’s a foriegn film called, ‘365’ that’s in the top 10 on Netflix and it’s a little rough for Netflix.
  • :28 AM Spot filmed Covino’s reaction to the first scene in the movie, ‘Love’ on Netflix. The movie is one monster sex scene.
  • :36 AM The new trend on Tik Tok is the “Love challenge” where you sit down with your parents and watch the first scene of the movie, ‘Love’ and film their reaction. 
  • :43 AM Rich made his famous 4th of July treats this year called, Dicky Doodle Dandies: blueberry jello vodka inside a strawberry with Cool Whip and blue sugar sprinkles on top.
  • :04 AM COVID is really hurting the restaurant business. When restaurants are at such a minimum capacity, they’re not going to survive. Uber Eats bought Postmates for $2.65 billion.


  •  :24 AM When past presidents visited Mount Rushmore there was such praise from the media, but when Trump went to Mount Rushmore there was only criticism. The media picks and chooses how they want to portray a situation.
  • :30 AM ESPN Now or Never ‘Who won the Internet:’ Video of the girl who jumped off the roof into the pool and almost died!
  • :34 AM The film of the Broadway hit musical, ‘Hamilton’ was released on Disney+ over the weekend! This show is next level genius and Lin-Manuel Miranda is brilliant.