Covino & Rich— Tuesday, 7/30/19

Show Topics:

  • Covino and Rich is not only the most interactive show on radio, but it is also the most diverse show! We got two white boys, an Italian guy, there is Archie whose black and Sasha the Asian intern.
  • Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” is now the number one most streamed song on the charts. He has been number one for 17 weeks now! Other songs that have been number one are I’ll Make Love to You, Macarena, and I Got a Feeling. 
  • Some people don’t say what they really want especially when it comes to relationships. The best example was yesterday during the boys Now or Never show. The topic of discussion was boneless wings or bone in wings. They did a poll on Instagram and viewers voted that bone in wings are way better. Their producer Canello bought 50 boneless wings and 50 bone in wings. What they saw was that the boneless wings were all gone and the bone in wings remained! Do people lie about what they really do like just cause one choice is more masculine than another?
  • Covino thinks back at his time before Jordyn. He has been through some tough times. He hard a tough divorce, selling his house and moving to California. It’s weird to think that sometimes you meet people later in your life, and they only know one version of yourself! Covino and Jordyn have been dating for 2 years and she is the most important person in her life (besides Melody of course). Jordyn has only met Covino’s mom 3 times and has never met his sister at all! When you grow up things changes and so will your relationships with certain people!
  • We ended the last hour of the show talking about some RanDumb news. A 16 year old kid from Pennsylvania named Kyle Dorsendoff is the first Fortnite solo champion. what did he win? 3 million dollars.