Covino & Rich— Tuesday 7\28\20

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  • 8:05 AM Why do good looking guys choose to let their hair go grey? There is a lack of barber availability these days which is probably why all these guys are going grey. 
  • :10 AM We’re at Coronavirus half-time right now…Who should play the half-time show?
  • :19 AM Covino had another anxiety attack last night. We live in a stressful time where millions of people are experiencing anxiety. 
  • :35 AM Rich and Spot advised Covino to see a therapist but he believes he doesn’t need therapy. We argued that having someone like a therapist to just sit and listen is very beneficial for mental health.
  • :27 AM Covino read the signs of high functioning anxiety: 7. Self-sabotaging coping methods like alcohol or over-eating, 6. Overly busy, 5. Unable to relax due to racing thoughts, 4. Disturbed sleep patterns, 3. Over-thinking and over-working due to failure, 2. Procrastinating, 1. People pleasing due to fear of driving people away. 


  • :52 AM Why does the ‘Tiger King’ era feel like 3 years ago even though it was only 3 months ago?  
  • :54 AM Rich watched the movie ‘Palm Springs’ last night and gives the film 4/5 camel nuts. The movie ‘14 Cameras’ is super creepy we don’t recommend.
  • :03 AM Why isn’t Trump championing Hydroxychloroquine? 


  • :23 AM Lou Williams left quarantine to go get BBQ wings at Magic City. Rich is team Lou Williams but Spot and Covino believe Lou is a hobnobber.
  • :30 AM MLB is most likely going to shut down with all these postponed games.
  • :33 AM FIN: Rich’s mother did a short sale but doesn’t know when her closing date is and is lingering in her house as a result. She’s going to move into an apartment in Maryland but is currently in delusion when it comes to packing up her house. Rich feels like at some point he’s going to fly to the East Coast, get a U-haul and pack up her stuff for her…Older people don’t like change.