Covino & Rich— Tuesday, 7/23/19

Show Topics:

  • Filipinos are so prideful! There is no body else that Filipinos praise more than Manny Pacquioa. 
  • There is an episode of How I Met Your Mother called “The Naked Man.” The theory is when you bring a girl over to your house for the first time and she goes to freshen up in the bathroom. When she comes out, undress and be there naked, should work every time. Is this dry humor for today’s society?
  • Macy’s is under the gone because people are claiming that plates they sell promote eating disorder. This line of plates all have a circle within a circle that show portion control. One reads. “skinny jeans, favorite jeans, mom jeans.” Moms all over twitter are saying this is triggering for people with eating disorders and demand they be removed from the website now! Are these people taking it way too far?
  • Weight these days is such a sensitive topic for people.  According to the charts, everyone is obese. People are so focused on a specific diet or working out everyday that they can’t even enjoy life! 
  • Rich is curious about his family ancestry. He doesn’t have a big family and no first cousins. Rich signed up for 23 and Me and found a few people he is related too. He is wondering if reaching out to someone who has 5% of the same DNA as him is worth it?
  • Handing down family heirlooms is common in some families. Rich thinks that its weird, he didn’t want the China from Sara’s family. Most think its worth it cause you’ll never know what you will find. 
  • Spot came across a meme on the CARLS page that said, “Things I could eat everyday: Pizza, buffalo wings, steak and ASS!” He wonders if when guys see a nice juicy booty, is there immediate thought to put on a bib, grab a spoon and eat that ass? Consensus is, if a guy sees a perfect woman and shes all clean, yes they will eat her ass. I guess Spot is not the eat ass type of guy!