Covino & Rich Show Recap: Tuesday 7-2-19

Covino & Rich— Tuesday, 7/2/19

Show Topics:

  • Covino and Rich started off the show today by shouting out their loyal listeners. An LA Times article was released yesterday about the new Sirius XM headquarters in LA. Covino was livid and went on a rant for 90 minutes since there was no mention of Covino and Rich or any LA channel/host whatsoever. He’s especially mad because the LA Times crew stopped by for the day and interviewed them and took tons of pictures and they weren’t featured. Covino believes he deserves the credit Howard Stern gets. Covino is hurt by this and on the other hand Rich doesn’t think its such a big deal. He thinks the reassurance and love from the listeners is enough. Even Covino’s dad called in and supports his son 100%!
  • Rich and Sara were talking about what would happen if they had a baby boy. Would he be circumcised or uncircumcised? Rich would want his son to be circumcised because everyone in his family is. Sara shared something she read on her mommy blogs; there’s a new trend that more and more parents are deciding to keep the baby uncircumcised. A listeners concluded that Covino is passionate about the show and getting credit and Rich loves talking about dicks.
  • Friend in Need today was from a loyal listener, Franz. Franz’s neighbor is a 26 year old troubled kid who still lives with his mother. One day he asked Franz if he had some supplies for his car and he was happy to lend him some. A couple days later he noticed that several things from his garage were missing; only stuff he would notice. He assumes his neighbor took all this stuff so he decided to install cameras and a new security system. He notices that his neighbors are acting weird and they speed up when they drive by his house. How else should he approach this?
  • Rich read an article about how politicians are promising citizens free college, healthcare, groceries and more, but who is really paying for this? People go crazy over free stuff but in reality it’s all a scam. Someone on the other end is paying for it. This is all going to fall on the broke generation x (40-50 yr, olds) who already can’t pay for normal stuff like houses and healthcare.