Covino & Rich— Tuesday, 7/16/19

Show Topics:

  • Back in the day, tasteless jokes were the THING! Rich remembers there were books at the fair in middle school that were about racist jokes, ethnic, handicap, dead babies and more tasteless topics. Its crazy how something that was funny back then would not be taken lightly in today’s society. 
  • There is a new app that is sweeping the nation. It is called “Face App.” You take a selfie and the app can transform you to look 50 years older!
  • Covino LOVES his Chapstick. He will not do any lip balm brand, he is loyal to chapstick. They just released some new flavors that Covino is raving about like Aloha Coconut, Key Lime and Candy Cane. 
  • Intern Sasha shares a crazy dating story from her freshman year college days. One time she met up with this guy from tinder and went over to his house to drink with some friends. Sasha remembers that he was being aggressive, grabbing her leg and she saw the aggression but she was getting over a break up so she was down. They started to fool around in the bedroom but all of a sudden he says, “call me master!” She got up and left and never spoke to him again. Four year later her friend sent an article saying this guy has been arrested for MURDER. This guy has been convicted for killing a woman with a log. This guy is a complete psycho and moral of the story is; if a guy says call me master, leave right away. 
  • Today is Taco Tuesday!!! There is a new show on Netflix called the Taco Chronicles. Spot recommends because you see how Mexicans put so much love and thought into making a taco. The documentaries aims to celebrate the taqueria culture and is a must watch. 
  • Today’s friend is need asked for wedding tips! Elle and Pierre are getting married in a couple months and wanted tips on what to save money on and also what is also important to have. In conclusion, photographer and videographer and open bar is key. Things that you can not splurge on is the wedding dress, cake, and decorations.