Covino & Rich— Tuesday 7\14\20

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  • 8:05 AM It’s National Nude Day, National Mac N’ Cheese Day, and National Tape Measure Day today! 
  • :08 AM The waiting room feature on Zoom is great for avoiding awkward moments with people who arrive early to a meeting. 
  • :13 AM There are allegations out there that Wayfair is involved in human-trafficking. The suspicion is due to unusual high listings of cabinets and the name of one of the cabinets is the name of a missing person. Could very well be a rumor however, people with money are capable of anything. 
  • :49 AM Is there someone in your life that seemed like a great/wonderful person but then turned out to be involved in something terrible? Covino and Rich both knew people growing up who were once loved but then turned out to be child predators and drug-dealers.
  • :01 AM The question remains, “Did Jeffery Epstein kill himself?” Also, What if Epstein’s girlfriend starts throwing EVERYONE under the bus once she finally speaks. 


  • :20 AM Rich talked about his adventures with his brand new Peloton! 
  • :40 AM When you’re alone do you have more of a desire to eat healthy rather than unhealthy?
  • :45 AM Washington Redskins are planning on changing their name and logo. 


  • :12 AM Covino’s Mexican word of the day is “Avocado.”
  • :15 AM They’re revamping Dancing with the Stars by taking out hosts, Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews.
  • :17 AM A kid died after going to a COVID party. Kids are treating these COVID parties like chicken-pox. Rich told the story about the time he went roller skating with a girl who had just gotten over chicken-pox. 
  • :37 AM  If you’ve had COVID already you must be so antsy for all of this to be over.
  • :52 AM Are you opposed to minimal use of cash since we have cards, Apple Pay, etc.?