Covino & Rich Show Recap: Tuesday 6-25-19

Covino & Rich— Tuesday, 6/25/19

Guests: Steve Howey & Blink 182

Show Topics:

  • We have an action packed week today with guest on the Covino and Rich show. Today we have Steve Howey and Blink 182, Mark Hoppus and Matt Skiba. Later this week we have Barenaked Ladies, Chris Sullivan and King Bach. 
  • There are so many pictures and videos that parents took their kids when they were younger that would be so bad if they were released right now. 
  • Do fathers and mothers have a choice of who their kids date? For example, can a father be mad that his daughter is dating an older man? In conclusion, parents cannot and shouldn’t forbid any of their kids relationships. If they do it makes them want to date that person even more. Parents have two choices; either accept who their kids date or don’t and drive a wedge between your relationship. 
  • Friend in Need on Omar on Facebook. Omar has a new girlfriend and she’s very attractive and she doesn’t let him follow her on instagram. One of Omar’s friends told him that there’s a guy who constantly comments and posts gifs under her pictures. Omar and his girlfriend are talking about moving in together; is this something that should bug him? 
  • Steve Howey is here to promote his movie, “Making Babies” that will release on demand this Friday. In most of his movies and shows Howey is either shirtless or fully naked. How does he stay fit? Triathlons, marathons and cutting out beer. Howey also called out several celebrities and challenged them in an MMA fight including ‘Jason Mimosa’ Jason Momoa. 
  • Blink 182 also stopped by the studio today! Their tour kicks off next week but was slightly delayed because they needed to build a brand new stage for Travis Barker. They didn’t want to reveal too many details but it’s going to be an entertaining performance. In the song, “Whats My Age?’ Rich and Covino was curious about what cologne he was wearing when he says, “I wore cologne, to get the feeling right?” They revealed that the cologne was Drakkar Noir.