Covino & Rich— Tuesday 6\2\20

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  • 8:02 AM Black Out Tuesday is the latest movement in support for Black Lives, and there’s much to talk about. Covino has a stance that Spot agrees with, on how posting the black image is slightly self-serving and a way for non-blacks to jump on board in a “look at me” way, if you know you support you don’t have to be pressured (:20 AM). Rich can’t wrap his head around the ideology (:40 AM).
  • 9:02 AM Spot doesn’t like forcing his issues on others, as he has been through a lot. So he would never ask someone to post, but he can understand those who do.


  • :25 AM Clinton Yates is here talking why he won’t be doing the Black Out, the importance of self-help/mental health, his new found passion for watching car tv to decompress, the state of sports and what’s next and what non-black people can do.


  • :07 AM Dr. Jenn Mann chimes in with relationship advice! Relationships are having more conflict these days than ever, but you shouldn’t make any rash decision during the pandemic because emotions are being tested in the house.
  • :22 AM Having kids-toddlers during this time, those people are going to be having the toughest time.
  • :30 AM Dr. Jenn opens up about sex and how it can help, what to say when you want your partner to change it up, personal pleasure, and the involvement of porn in the relationship.