Covino & Rich— Tuesday 6\16\20

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  • 8:07 AM  Being a dad isn’t easy.
  • :13 AM Spot talks about his weekend trip to Idyllwild. He’s thinking about buying a home in the mountains of Idyllwild and turning it into an Airbnb.
  • :36 AM Bryce Dallas Howard joins the show to talk about her ‘Dads’ documentary coming out this Friday. We also talked about Jurassic World, Will Smith, the importance of fathers, and important father figures in her life.


  • :21 AM Nothing could go right during Rich and Covino’s interview with UFC champion Justin Gaethje on ESPN due to technical difficulties. Technical difficulties with ZOOM are the worst! 
  • :31 AM  Three officers were rushed to the hospital after drinking laced ShakeShack shakes. We need to remember that cops are here to protect us but we do need to get rid of the bad cops. Self-governing doesn’t work, we need structure. People need to respect one another.
  • :18 AM Caller Sam asks the guys if they would want to know the gender of their baby and would they prefer a boy or a girl. 


  • :34 AM Anytime we bring up football, basketball, etc. people who love hockey are offended because they’re passionate about it and think no one cares. Ratings show no one wants to talk about hockey. 
  • :40 AM Stock market is booming right now! 
  • :49 AM Nickelodeon announced on Saturday that SpongeBob Squarepants is gay.