Covino & Rich— Tuesday 5\19\20

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  • 8:09 AM Since we missed it yesterday, we’re paying tribute to Fred Willard for passing over the weekend. Also salute to Ken Osmond as he rest in peace.
  • :26 AM Sports is slowly opening up, implementing new rules. Speaking of sports, let’s recap the Michael Jordan doc, would MJ’s legacy be different if the Bulls didn’t win when he returned? Why do people compare him and LeBron?
  • :53 AM With cities slowly opening, some are looking forward to travel but what does that mean for the airports? Here’s their plan for practicing safety…


  • :12 AM Ran Dumb News: Pauly D is trending for letting his hair grow out, Nancy Pelosi calls out Trumps obesity, Korean sports team using sex dolls in the audience seats etc.
  • :36 AM Since life is so gradual, we miss the aging process. Have you noticed your body aging? Is 20 and 40 that big of  a difference?
  • :52 AM Being a “growing boy” gave us passes to be a slob… who on earth hydrates with six cans of Soda, Covino, that’s who!


  • :20 AM The Kid Challenge is trending online and Rich got his daughter to attempt and she failed hard!
  • :26 AM Brian Austin Green opens up about split with wife Megan Fox and we feel for the guy because she left him for herself?
  • :48 AM Every good thing that comes to an end, the “ender” has their side of why… this is all coming from a podcast for two girls