Covino & Rich— Tuesday 5\12\20

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  • 8:07 AM People that create memes will never fully get the credit they deserve. It’s basically the equivalent to iconic jokes back in the day that we repeated. It’s safe to say, memes are people’s gifts to the world.
  • :38 AM There’s this hilarious photo of Rich hanging with a horse and today’s the day we make it a meme!
  • :45 AM 2007 was a great year of viral content.


  • :10 AM Working from home is for the birds because you can’t fully get into your zone… especially with kids in house.
  • :15 AM After watching “The Last Dance,” we have a question… do you follow the lead of a jerk when they’re the best at what they do? We have experienced working for some tough jerks but it shaped us for the better…
  • :46 AM Mary Steenburgen is the face that we all know, but can never place where from…


  • :04 AM Mark Cuban joins the show and we talk: making sense of the shut down and what that means for businesses, the future of sports and him watching “The Last Dance,” his love of Tik Tok with his daughter, what it’s like being on Shark Tank and more.
  • :38 AM Guy Fieri and Bill Murry are competing to raise money for restaurants in a nacho contest.
  • :43 AM Many would like to see Mark Cuban as president, but can you imagine for his kids going from being “regular” billionaires to the first family… the hate would come from nowhere.
  • :50 AM Movies that should of meant more to us…