Covino & Rich— Tuesday 4\21\20

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  • 8:00 AM Can you catch Corona through farts?
  • :20 AM Rich’s wife, Sara returns to the bedroom tonight after months of sleeping in the living room with her new mommy routine.
  • :26 AM Are homeless people social distancing? Many of them found shelter at a hotel near Covino’s and he’s thinking about where they will be after this is all over…
  • :40 AM On the bright side, the little things during quarantine are making us happy like savings, low gas mileage etc.
  • :45 AM Too Hot to Handle on Netflix has us thinking about body image and how much the hot girl likes the goofy guy…


  • :10 AM Whenever you push yourself to workout during this quarantine time, you feel better about yourself! Rich has been doing his best to kept it up, but he doesn’t workout to music…. Odd.
  • :20 AM How much do you pay and how much does production pay when it comes to going on an HGTV fixer upper show?
  • :30 AM People are cutting their hair and letting the real hair color grow out – would you do the buzz cut?
  • :49 AM If you don’t watch porn or care, why would you care if an influential person like Joe Buck did naughty voice work for a good cause?


  • :07 AM Although we’re all mostly free and at home, what’s your excuse to get out of interaction, talking and zoom calls with people?
  • :38 AM Everyone has different Corona symptoms and it’s unsettling..