Covino & Rich— Tuesday 3\31\20

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  • 8:00 AM Taco Tuesday was on a Monday night at Rich’s and wife Sara tried a new amazing recipe with diced chicken thighs.
  • :10 AM Our hearts are with Selena today on the anniversary of her death. Rich doesn’t recall and now he needs to watch the movie! It’s mandatory.
  • :37 AM Sara calls in to talk those amazing Taco’s and that she is a fan of Selena and will make Rich watch the movie tonight!
  • :48 AM The idea that JLo made more money playing Selena, than Selena ever did. Was JLo our trade off after losing Selena?
  • :52 AM CNN anchor Chris Cuomo diagnosed with coronavirus; he will continue working from home.
  • :55 AM April will go down in history for being the worst month of 2020.


  • :10 AM Lots of doctors have died in Italy. Also, Covino stresses the fact that his parents need to stay clear of each other as they both have pre-existing issues. The malaria drug and z-packs have been noted to help, why isn’t the media pressing this?
  • :20 AM Covino’s dad took him to the doctor as a kid and he got the thermometer up the butt and out came poop…
  • :29 AM Intern Ideas: What will you continue post quarantine? A painting was stolen from a museum…. A Florida pastor was arrested for having church…
  • :44 AM Covino got a text and photo from a listener on his deathbed – this influenced him to pray last night
  • :55 AM Spot’s Sex-tales: he surprised wife Kristen with a “road house” performance.


  • :14 AM Covino has a hot video game date with his daughter, since she’s quarantined at moms. If you want to play words with friends, Covino’s girl Jordyn is a beast! (Rich has the hardest believing that)
  • :15 AM Malaysia is order women to stop napping husbands and to wear makeup during quarantine.
  • :17 AM Covino whips out his guitar and strings the cords to a Tiger King classic
  • :26 AM The MyPillow guy spoke at Trump’s press conference and it’s comical. Trump is also live tweeting his ratings (odd).
  • :46 AM Rich has a moment of clarity pointing out they are all on different life paths, although Spot and Covino have felt this for forever…