Covino & Rich— Tuesday 3\24\20


  • 8:07 AM Things that you’re noticing during the quarantine – Rich observes that people go to the store panicking down the bread aisle when the bakery section makes it fresh, daily.
  • :12 AM Spot’s big trip to the “hood” experiencing that the Spanish stores are fully stocked.
  • :19 AM Covino acknowledges that he could do this social distancing much longer than the average person…
  • :23 AM There will be a huge gap for those with talents i.e. the kids who thought they would receive scholarships for their skills.
  • :29 AM Having a hobby during this time really comes in handy.
  • :44 AM Gaming has seen a spike since we are all sitting at home.
  • :49 AM Pastor Spotty reads a passage from him meat bible


  • :05 AM Breaking News: Trump might open the US and get the American people back to work, can he do that?
  • :14 AM Rich’s friend plays a prank on his neighbor by taking a poop in his toilet when him and the Mrs. Are at work, daily.
  • :26 AM Covino’s story of a college prank, putting milk under a friends bed
  • :42 AM Getting drunk or high around friends and having to question if they will prank you while sleep…
  • :54 AM Sammy J pulled a prank on Covino and his ex-wife


  • :10 AM What’s your take on the Texas Lieutenant governor suggesting that all old people should be willing to die for the US economy?
  • :17 AM Covino is questioning his sexuality, because when picking porn how closely do you assess the male.
  • :19 AM Friend In Need: An older neighbor that has access to a listeners house for 12 years has been stealing and entering during the 3am hour …
  • :31 AM The gym is more than a physical release for us, it’s a mental release.
  • :33 AM Friend In Need: How does one handle the ex-wife’s new man’s conspiracy theories around his children?
  • :51 AM The New York health department suggest us to not participate in anal rimming during this time.