Covino & Rich— Tuesday 3\03\20

Show Topics:

HOUR 1         

  • 8:03 AM CNR announce they are bringing back March Man Ass. But this time it will be an athlete bracket instead of celebrities. Ryan Reynolds won it last year.
  • :28 Rich is offended by Covino’s shirt which says, “F***.” Rich thinks there’s some sort of trash element to someone who wears a shirt that says “F***.” Covino disagrees and says that they both say the word all time.
  • :43 What was an indictor to you, that he/she was going to be fun in bed? Covino never assessed women in that way. A lot of feedback centered around moves on the dance floor.


  • 9:20 AM Mike Tyson had a huge breakdown on his podcast recently that was unlike we’ve ever seen before. Therapy is needed for athletes that were so high above everyone else in their heyday to now being average citizens.
  • :29 Chris Matthews abruptly walks off the set of “Hardball” after sexist remarks throughout his tenure with MSNBC.
  • :47 Rich highlights that there was a six month period when he was working in an office and about to be content with that sort of life. Covino dragged him out of it. Rich says that everyone in the office environment dillydallies but he was done by noon.


  • 10:14 AM Rich plays a game of, “Did I insult my wife?” Rich says Vanna White looks great for her age sand says #WifeGoals. He gets feedback and it is somehow flipped on Rich for being a bad person. Covino says stop putting pressure on Sarah. Rich wonders how it’s insulting.
  • :23 Covino highlights his next big purchase which will be a sling/man bag. Rich doesn’t have the energy to rag on him but the conversation turns into a debate about the need for bags.
  • :42 What is the point of going to In-And-Out if you don’t get the burger animal style. Covino never orders the Animal style but Spot is adamant about always ordering the animal style for the burger and fries.