Covino & Rich— Tuesday 2\25\20

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  • 8:05 AM Opening the show on the best note possible…have you ever wanted to stick anything up your butt?
  • :14 AM Covino is wearing his panic pants today, as he hit the emergency button trying to escape from Jeff Lewis.
  • :25 AM Is there a proper way to say GIF?
  • :35 AM How do you pronounce Gyro? Have you had a fluffernutter?
  • :42 AM Covino finally bought an HBO subscription to watch Curb and is trying to get Jordyn to watch.
  • :53 AM Since “The Bachelor” is trending because of the virgin Madison, we dip deep into this convo. Proposing to one girl after you slept with 2 others moments before…


  • 9:12 AM More Bachelor talk…. Picking the virgin would make him a better person; we put Spot in the situation; what’s the longest you’d wait to sleep with someone (:22 AM)
  • :32 AM Rich’s take on how a first date should end…
  • :38 AM If you have a problem waiting for someone in a relationship, then chances are they are not the one. If you are in your early 20s or 30s, it is worth the wait. But any time after 40, you shouldn’t have to wait.


  • 10:06 AM Booty pics on Instagram vs normal photos…
  • :12 AM Intern Quintin’s ideas: Wilder vs Fury, Democratic candidate are too old, Michael Jordan might be another meme etc., sumo wrestlers as NHL goalie
  • :48 AM Would you rather have testicle toes or dick hands?