COVINO & RICH SHOW RECAP: Tuesday 2-18-20

Covino & Rich— Tuesday 2\18\20

Show Topics:


  • 8:02 AM Covino got Valentine’s Day bougie. Covino bought his girlfriend a cake from an expensive restaurant.
  • :17 Rich has a baby! He hired a photographer for the birth. Covino says it’s also bougie.
  • :45 What other names were CNR considering? Covino did not like the name, Mel because it reminded him of old diner chef’s name.


  • 9:25 Covino tells a story about what happened with the Sonic mascot at ESPN over break.
  • The union worker who was in the mascot did not want to run to do the promo. Covino had to find someone else to be in the mascot suit.
  • :28 Sam Morril joins the show. He hates video games and was buddies with Jeremy Lin


  • 10:29 AM Spot’s wife asks a question about what music would get him horny.
  • :37 What advice would you give your younger self? It all goes back to having with more women.
  • How would you prove to yourself that you wrote it?
  • :50 CNR give away a Deontay Wilder signed glove