Covino & Rich— Tuesday 12\8\20

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  • 8:05 AM Covino weighs in on the new Selena Series and how people are perceiving it. Give it a chance, it’s an update of a fan classic. Is it necessary or not? “People hate everything at first.”
  • :23 AM Do you leave pizza on the counter overnight and eat it in the morning…
  • :38 AM The Wayne’s World Reunion has us thinking… the biggest take away is that men get more distinguished and the women have a harder time aging personally and societally. At what moment do you look at your spouse, kids etc. and say to yourself wow you’re old…
  • :23 AM Rich on the 49ers last night, plus we get into some predictions with the Giants vs Browns vs Washington etc.


  • :49 AM Taking your calls!
  • :00 AM Cris Collinsworth apologizes for comment about being ‘blown away’ by female fans’ NFL knowledge. Was this apology needed?
  • :11 AM We pose the question of ‘in the next 50 years where do you think things will go for kids growing up in a non-binary world?’


  • :24 AM Ran Dumb News – Evander Holyfield on Mike Tyson fight… ‘Looks like it’s going to happen;’ Manny Ramirez blown off by a fake hat wearing fan etc.
  • :32 AM Most people take on the layout of the building or the previous people who lived there. So many choices can drive you wild and that’s Rich’s new reality.
  • : 50 AM The way of the world is advancing when it comes to gender norms. Take cheerleading for example, women solely cheering men… Yikes!