Covino & Rich— Tuesday 12\10\19


  • 8:09 AM Rich’s daughter, Emmy is already a master at impressions. Who is the best impressionist? We elect Jay Pharaoh and maybe Rich Little. These impressionist even master hand motions (:13 AM). What legit comedians say that comedians need to do to stay fresh (:24 AM)
  • :30 AM Rich’s perverted hypothetical for Covino – what would you do is Jordyn had a orgy waiting for you with her friends? 
  • :35 AM Covino lived the Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow yesterday as his house turned into a smart house! The Roomba came 
  • :48 AM We are starting a movement, #RoomaAss – Covino has got an amazon device (:50 AM) 
  • :56 AM What technology still blows your mind


  • :17 AM Noa Shaw is here! He talks how he gets through to people that will not listen (:21 AM). He tells his journey with addiction and that he’s been sober since 1988, but dives into an intense story of waking up in Chicago a week later. The idea that you can’t control people (:27 AM). How he got involved with Soul Cycle (:28 AM). Noa explains to us how you know you’re depressed (:34 AM). Eating clean is a way off life (:40 AM). Noa attacks the childhood trauma that lives in Covino (:48 AM)


  • 10:03 AM Jason Ellis talks about his experience with his ex wife and how bad it was. He get s open with his sexual experiences with gay, trans and woman and how his ex was effected (:10 AM). His new girl embracing his sexuality (:16 AM). When it comes to social media, he talks avoiding the trolls (:22 AM). Ellis is open about his use of steroids (:24 AM). He explains his sexuality in depth, informing us more about pan-sexuality (:36 AM). The effects of Ayahuasca (:46AM).